Monday, November 24, 2014

Movie vs. Book: This is Where I Leave You

If you haven't read or seen the movie no worries I'm not going to give away any spoilers (If that is what you were looking for, I'm sorry I promise I will spoil the heck out of my next review). A bit of back story for those that haven't read the book or seen the movie (You Should!):

The story centers on Judd, who catches his wife in bed with his boss on her birthday. Shortly after moving to his own place his father dies and as his dying wish wants all his children and wife to sit Shiva. The overall story is funny, sad, real and examines family dynamics.

Both the movie and book follow along the basic plot line and are very similar. Obviously the movie had to leave out some things, but they weren't really incredibly important to the overall story. There really was only one situation that I truly missed and that is Judd's interaction with Wendy's children, it made certain revelations in Judd's life more real.

Both the movie and book look at family dynamics, relationships, loss and the hilarity that can come with all of that. They were both pretty funny, but the movie really sold it by casting Jason Bateman as Judd and Tina Fey as Wendy. When I first saw the trailer I was a little unsure about Tina Fey playing Wendy, I just pictured her differently when reading the book. She really did fit well though and was very believable if you read the book first.

I really enjoyed both the book and the movie. I think this is one combo that it wouldn't matter in what order you watched/read. Unlike some movies that completely ruin the book for you or you watch and think you know whats going to happen next, this one drew me in where at times I stopped comparing it to the book.

Let me know if you read the book or saw the movie. Share your thoughts, feelings or just say hey!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Do NOT read if you haven't seen or read "If I Stay"

Can I just say oh my lanta, this movie wrecked me. I just watched it last night and by the end felt like my body was devoid of any more tears. I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried sobbed like a little girl. It really says something about a story if it can pull you in so much that you feel like these are real people that you know and care about. I am very glad I watched the movie first since reading while crying is quite difficult (I've only done it a few times).

So some background on the movie. The story follows Mia, a senior in High School, before and after a tragic accident that claims the lives of her family. It shows her going around the hospital, while her body lays in a coma, trying to find answers and basically deciding to stay and live or be with her family. It also flashes back to when she first meets and the subsequent relationship between her and Adam.

The relationship between Adam and Mia, at points, kind of pissed me off and yet I could relate. At times it seems like Mia is trying so hard to hold on to Adam that she loses part of herself and just does and goes where he does. I think once she sees his dreams becoming a reality she realizes she has dreams as well.

I loved her parents. I think that is one of the reasons I had snot mixing in with tears I was crying so hard, don't pretend it's never happened to you everyone has ugly cried at least once.

The parents were caring and laid back, while at the same time providing some comedic relief. You could tell how much they really love their children.

I lost it when Teddy died though, I had to pause the movie I was so devastated. I mean I knew from the previews that her parents died, but I honestly thought when we first see him in the hospital he was going to pull through. As Mia falls to her knees in the hallway I was shaking my head yes cause that's exactly the sway I felt. 

And then: Oh look Adam. That was another thing that bothered me. Like I get it you're in love with him, the movie is supposed to be kind of focused on this great love, but come on now. I would totally get it if he hadn't basically dumped on her dreams and then run off, but he basically did. And that is one thing I can't get over about a lot of teen fiction, these girls go to the ends of the earth for these guys and the guy is just like " Oh hey cool thanks." I mean get it together be stronger than that. Take Twilight for instance, Bella tries to kill herself just to see Edward again. No just no. Or Mortal Instruments, Clary just keeps putting herself in danger for Jace. She doesn't listen to even Jace himself when he tells her to stop. Hunger Games is probably the only one I see having a strong female, sure she's got Gale and Peeta, but she fights for herself, her family and then Gale and Peeta. It's not like you would see Katniss running headlong into President Snows house shouting "Give Me Peeta!", oh look she got captured. That's how that would go (in my head). I could probably go on forever on the gender issues, but I won't and I probably will even continue to read and watch these stories. 

Overall it was a fantastic movie, they pulled you in then ripped your heart out. You got to know all these characters and learned who they really were. You felt the loss of them as if you truly did know them. I'll keep you updated once I finish the book. And no I'm not going to tell you if she decides to stay or go, you will have to see it (or read it) or you can always do what S did after I told him about the movie and google it.

Let me know if you have seen the movie or read the book. Thoughts, reactions, loves, hates?

Friday, November 14, 2014


So I'm catching up on some of my favorite shows while L is in his jumper and thought hey why not share my love with the rest of the world. So let me know if some my shows are favorites of yours or make a recommendation for some of your favorites that aren't listed I'm always looking for new things to obsess over. Now obviously TV/cable is not generally part of cheap living, but when you find an awesome deal on internet that just happens to include TV for less than you were paying for internet alone you go for it.

So here are some of my favorites at the moment:

Selfie: The title makes it sound awful and I almost didn't watch but when it started there was nothing else on worth watching in it's time slot. So I gave it a shot and I love it and am devastated that it is being cancelled.

How to Get Away With Murder: I can barely start on this one, I mean where to start? It's kept me hanging since the beginning. I was just able to watch last nights episode today and already have thoughts of giving it its own page just to discuss and hypothesize.

Red Band Society: I swear if this one gets cancelled as well, I may just give up on TV all together (probably not but I will write a very strongly worded email). I know I'm probably not it's target market, but I find it uplifting at times and comical at others.

Reign: Now with this one let me preface by saying I know it is very far from historically accurate and I don't care. I like the fact that they are even showing a historical show on regular channels and that they address some historical events.

Grey's Anatomy: Need I say anymore? Ok I will. Now I have been a pretty dedicated fan since the beginning and I will say this season is not one of my favorites but it still has time to improve and add more twists as it has in the past. It's especially fun to have watched the characters evolve and welcome new characters.

Scorpion: This one didn't really hook me in the beginning, why I kept watching I don't know but I'm glad I did. The dynamic between all the characters makes me giggle (yes I giggle and am unashamed to admit it) and really get into the show.

Jeopardy: So some wouldn't categorize this as a TV show, but as a game show, but since it's one of my favorites I had to add it. I get supremely excited when I know an answer and the contestants don't, honestly I feel like I just won myself.

Resurrection: I got into this show when I saw a preview for this season during the end of summer. So I caught up on what it was all about before the new season started and whoa with the mystery. Where did they come from? Why are they really here? So many questions and I need answers so I must continue to watch.

Arrow: Both L's dad and I are huge superhero fans, we've seen Guardians of the Galaxy twice (and if you have kids you know that is really a lot before a movie is even out on DVD), same with Captain America: The Winter Soldier (this one I technically have only seen once since the first time L was a month old and it was our first time going out without him and I fell asleep in the theater). Back to Arrow though, I find that it flows nicely along the plot and story line. It honestly makes me wish I could be a superhero.

Shark Tank: This show makes me think I could invent something that the world is currently without or improve something and make millions ( I know I probably can't but this show gives me hope). I love the banter among the sharks and seeing some of the great products that people come up with (or not so great). I have actually searched for some of the products just to see what prices are and if they are affordable. I know a couple of people that swear by groove book and so far that is probably the most affordable one I have found. The only reason we don't use it is because L's dad works for a photo printing company.

Bones: I have been a fan since basically the beginning and continue to find the show enjoyable.Plus it has moments of comedy gold. I typically enjoy any show that has some mystery that has to be solved. When I was a kid my mother and I used to watch Murder She Wrote religiously, ok fine I still watch a rerun here and there, and maybe that's where my love of mystery comes from and I relate it to those great times with my mom.

Criminal Minds: Again another mystery that I get hooked into, plus the fact that Shamar Moore isn't half bad to look at. I love Penelope and her kitten photo/video needs.

Law and Order SVU: I have loved Law and Order since I can remember when they started doing spin offs of the original my love grew. Now SVU is really the only one left, and I miss original Law and Order, but SVU is the one that made me want to go into criminal justice when I was younger (I am an education major but still have love of the law).

I'm going to combine two since they fall under the mystery category: CSI and Castle, both fill my need of a good mystery to solve.

The Originals: This one probably makes me sound like a 15 year old school girl, but I'm ok with that. It's my guilty pleasure. It's just one of those shows I can sit and get into and really just enjoy.

Jane the Virgin: When I first saw the previews for this show I laughed and thought I would never watch it. Rewind to a random Friday night and I'm bored, L's in bed early and S (his dad) is still at work, this show comes on and I'm in the middle of doing homework (horrible habit but it's become background noise for me). I have no idea where the remote is and at that point I don't really care since I figure I'm not going to be watching anyway. An hour later I was hooked, it's like a well acted soap opera and cute girl next door show all wrapped into one.

The Flash: I'm not 100% sure on this one yet, it's not hooking me quite like Arrow has. I'm still giving it a chance and will definitely watch this season.

New Girl and The Mindy Project: I put these two together since they are back to back and I find both to be comedy GOLD!! I have fallen off the couch while watching New Girl and basically stopped breathing from laughter while watching Mindy.

The Amazing Race: Fun story I used to hate this show and think it was ridiculous, but when I moved back into my mom's house she would watch the show every week and so if I wanted to stay in the living room I had to watch it as well. So fast forward a couple weeks and I'm sitting there routing for one of the couples trying to get my mom to come over to my side since her favorite was just eliminated. This all brings me back to the Murder She Wrote idea that I adopt some favorite shows by the enjoyment I get spending time with my mom.

Share with me some of your favorites and please if you are going to comment with any spoilers label them as such so those that haven't watched can avoid them or if they are like me can search for them.